BIRCH COMMUNICATIONS A BRANDING CASE STUDY  //  creative director, birch communications

The project presented below is an exercise in branding. Not the type of exercise that leaves you out of breath or sore…although, it sometimes did, in fact, achieve both unintentionally. This exercise was one that consisted of taking two existing companies and merging them into a

brand that would speak to the great products and features offered by this new, combined company.


This is also a project that is about our love of a challenge. In this case, not knowing if

Birch Communications would be responsive to change. Spoiler alert…they were.


The Birch Communications logo felt dated with it’s bold italicized font and tie-in of the birch leaf. The Cbeyond logo, on the other hand, felt rushed and without purpose.


We were to present a range of concepts that included the birch leaf as well as ones that didn’t.


To create a more dynamic and streamlined logo, we dropped “communications” from the brand, placing a greater emphasis on the main Birch name. The logo was finalized and all parties were in love.


We used black + white photography and a muted color palette to let the brand stand apart from the competition. Custom design elements and iconography were created and applied to a variety of print and digital assets.


And like that, a new brand was born.

“amazing! this looks fantastic. you’ve really taken

our brand to the next level “

 — Birch Communications CEO


The branding exercise was a success on all fronts and launched with unanimous praise. Sales

materials were updated, new sites and campaigns launched and new, consistent signage was

raised on offices across the states.